Coffee and kitty sitters

My new morning routine involves drinking coffee in bed, watching the today show and online surfing for a while. Dru leaves for work pretty early and I usually have the mornings to myself to do whatever I want to. Now I realize that I should go to the gym. But that has to wait until lunch time when the temps are at least in the double digit range.
This morning went no different than yesterday, except for when I got up and went to the office to turn the comp on. I started to choke on my coffee, and it came out of my nose. For reals, coffee was running out of my nose. Thankfully it was not HOT but it was still a really really weird feeling, and I don't think that I want that to happen anymore.

I need a kitty sitter. Molly is driving me INSANE. it is IMPOSSIBLE to work with a four legged creature sitting on your lap, walking across the keyboard, or laying in front of my comp screen. She also steps on the phone a few times a day and attempts to call people. It is driving me nuts. She needs a friend, or a job or a hobby or something because this is just not working for me.
I am considering getting a hamster or gerible or whatever those furry little creatures are, and making that her friend. Putting it in a ball, or cage, and letting them get acquainted of course first, just incase she tries to eat her new friend. Ya see, molly has never gone outside, and we won't live in the country like at my parents house, so I am thinking that there are no mice or gophers and she would befriend a small furry animal instead of eat it.
My next option is getting another kitty. Dru wants a damn dog, and well I just can't agree to that. Molly poops in a poop house. I am pretty sure I could not train a puppy to do that??? And if molly drives me nuts, imagine how much work I would get done with a puppy. Or how much sleep I would lose. NOT HAPPENING.......

Happy Tuesday.

PS everytime I sniffle I taste coffee....WEIRD

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