So remember all those things that I said that I was going to do yesterday. Well I lied. I did not do a damn thing. I didn't even open the door to the outdoors to see how frigid it actually was.

My head hurt like all day. My ears hurt too. I just felt lazy. So that is what I was. LAZY.....

News Years goals actually start the monday after new years right? Because that is what my goal is today. I feel productive, ready for the day. Showered and refreshed.

Still probably not going to check out the outdoors unless I have to, but I will be productive.

PS...There are some sick people out there in the world. I wish that the news was more happiness and roses, instead of crazies that shoot, or blow up other people.
I watch the Today show every morning to get myself going for the day and to know what is going on in the world, but I am appalled to know that there are so many sad stories out there.

Someone needs to teach Molly the kitty that mommy and daddy are not ready to play at 4:30am. I do NOT want to play, nor do I want to get up and feed the fat cat either....So that is my rant for the day. Damn cat wakes up to early...

Happy Monday

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