Bitter Cold

Temps here in the frozen tundra are living up to their name that I have given this place. Its f'n cold. Like negative degrees, like -20 when I woke up. Now I don't know this temp because I trekked outside and looked at the temp measurer, I know because my trusty macbook tells me this from the safety and warmth of my bed. I'm not crazy.

Speaking of my bed. We got a new tv for the bed room, and molly tries to attack it. I don't know if it is that she thinks we are going to pay attention to her less when she comes to snuggle in bed, and that she won't get to be queen of the mountain (Dru's tummy is the mtn) or what. but I am scared that she is going to pull it down. Now granted, not scared enough to leave the warmth of the bed and actually get her off the dresser, but to yell loudly from my warm cozy spot and hope that she listens.....She does not listen by the way.

My semi vacation is coming to an end. I have to work tomorrow with no vacation or holiday days in sight. Which is fine with me, as long as no traveling is involved, unless it is someplace warm and tropical. I do like my job, a lot, but I do like the warmth of my house and would like to stay inside until around april when it FINALLY thaws out around here. I will take advantage of the summer more than I did last year. I will do outdoor activities as often as possible.

So now that we are on the topic of things that I will do this 2010.....Not a resolution list, but just things that I will do......because I am determined.

1. Actually work out, yeah like I know that everyone says that. But I already have a gym membership I just need to get my ass to the gym

2. Be nicer to my husband, and cook dinner most nights. Making a list and shopping for a purpose will help up do this. Which is what we did yesterday.

3. No eating out for the month of Jan.

4. Have fun projects for the weekend. Like painting, or sewing or something along those lines.

5. Be a lot better about talking on the phone and calling friends.

6. Drink less wine...And no that does not mean I am going to start drinking something else. Wine is all I drink, and I should drink less of it...Good thing I am actually allergic to beer :)

7. Read more books. I am doing great at this already. I love going to the library and have books to read already.

8. Spend less money, and save.

Great goals....Now that it is laundry Sunday I am going to put my sheets in the washer, and get motivated to start my day...

PS. House marathon's on TV make it a lot harder to get motivated for the projects that I am going to do, and Molly just snuggled with me

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