A Case of The Monday's

It is Monday, as most are aware. And it is a holiday. So that means that my most favorite time of the day will not even come (mail time if you were unaware, that I LOVE to get mail).....

I really think that my boss should celebrate more holidays.

Speaking of mail. I did some online shopping last week. There was a sale, a big one, like a Semi Annual one....So I bought some stuff. Dru was off work this weekend....do you see where this story is going??

Dru yells at me from the living room. "What did you buy".......
Me: "why dear I have NO IDEA what you are talking about".......I might be lying about the "dear" part :)
Dru: "Then why is the mail man delivering a package"??????

Me: "Shit, you are usually gone when the mail comes, how was I supposed to know that the package was going to be delivered today...there was a sale I promise"!!!

See...usually my husband does not care what I purchase, and is not even here when it is delivered, so no big deal. But I have been making a big deal of saving money lately. So the fact that I am online shopping is NOT good...

Maybe I should have things delivered next door.??????

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