Over It

Is it bad when both Dru and I are already over the snow and cold? We both really really can't wait for spring, or a sign of green grass. We are more outdoor people, and enjoy sitting on the porch, bbq'n chatting and enjoying life.
We are not TV, movie watchers, what have you...that makes us sit inside for days even months at a time. I am starting to get cabin fever, and Dru is as well.
The good news is that, spring and summer here offer an abundance of activities to look forward too. If they didn't then I would seriously question why people lived here. Camping, boating, fishing, bug killing (*yeah those damn misquitos I even miss a little bit), tanning, reading, home improvement...well you get the picture. There are many many more activities for people like ourselves to enjoy when you can go outdoors without 5 layers and the threat of hypothermia.
Soooo until those days come, I am going to try to think positive, organize my life and house for when I am NEVER inside during the spring/summer months and work on getting skinny for when I don't have to wear so many layers.

My wise mother (who informed me that she DOES NOT like to paint, by the way...she just does it because she likes the look after) has given me the idea to look for exercise equipment for my basement. Then I would not have to venture out into the cold, and I would not have an excuse. We have this LARGE space, and I should use it. So that is my next adventure. Craigslist here I come....

In between working that is, because it still is Friday. Almost weekend time. More projects....I think that I might even need to go to the fabric store. I am inspired to make a quilt for Relay for Life.

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  1. Erin,

    I think that suffering through bad winter weather will make you fully appreciate and take advantage of your summer. There are many days in California when I stay inside in the summer because it's "too hot" outside. I want to move to a different (read "crappy weather") state for a while to make me appreciate California weather.

    Just think of how happy and positive all the people will be when you finally see them again in a few months!!

    Miss you!