You know that it is cold when the weather man says that a "bus stop forecast" of 3 degrees is WARM...Are these people smoking crack? I am pretty sure if I grew up in weather this cold, I would have used every excuse in the book to not have to go to school.
Kids here have snow clothing for recess, and can still play outside until it is below 20 degrees. Now that just sounds cruel. I get pissed when I walk from my car that is in my garage to my house because it is cold. I am pretty sure that my kids will be homeschooled for the winter months, because Mommy most definitely will not be venturing out into the cold to go to the bus stop with them. I work from home for a reason!!!

So you know when something is falling out of your hands, and you are afraid that it might land on your feet and you don't have shoes on so you try to catch the item???
Well I don't recommend doing that with a really sharp knife. Being the intelligent person that I am, I grabbed a really sharp knife to cut up some lettuce to go with my salad last night (healthy :) well the knife started falling out of my hands so my gut reaction was to grab for it. Well it sliced my finger and then almost got my foot too...Ughhhh not cool, and it is in the part where my finger bends, so it is a very uncomfortable place to have a sliced finger....

Happy Wednesday-Stay Warm

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