Women, do you feel violated when you go to the Lady Dr??. Well let me tell you. I will never feel violated again, after I saw what "the captain" went through today.

So I usually have girl kitty's. I am not sexist, and don't choose for it to be that way. But that is the way that it has been. Fredricka, Earnestine, Merv, Molly....Okay you get the point. And maybe my cats have identity issues because I named then boy names, and then found out they were actually girls...
Fred, Earnie, Merv (that is Dru's doing)
 And it makes me look a little like a crazy cat woman, but that is a different day different story.

"The Captain" went to the vet today. The vet was checking him out. Routine check no big deal. And then I asked when he needed to be fixed, or if he needed to if he was going to live inside, with just Molly...And she can't have babies, so no big deal.

Well the vet decided to show me his "testicles"....Did I need to see them. I didn't think so, but she decided to violate "the captain" anyways. Turn's out he has one ball. Hmmmm...I would have never known, and he would have never been less of a man to me if I didn't know. But she tugged and pulled and looked for the other ball....

Poor "Captain". I felt bad for him. And decided that men might have it rough sometimes too. Turn your head and cough. Here, let my pull on your balls.

PS. I asked my mom if men that have been fixed masturbate. Have you ever had that sort of conversation with your mom? Well I meant Kitty's, not MEN. Com'n I read Playboy. I know these things.

That was my day. Fun, Fun.

Poor "captain".

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