Top 3 reasons why getting married sucks....

Ever since that day in September when my loving fiance became my husband and I agreed to change my name I have been frustrated.

Let me tell you why.

1. Changing my name sucks!

2. Why don't men change their names, instead of the wives. That would make my life a WHOLE lot easier.

3. Before I can file taxes, book my flight for fun to FL, or do anything. I have to file paperwork.

Now don't think that I am lazy and have not done anything since September. I HAVE

-a new drivers license
-all new bank cards
-new credit cards
-changed my mailing address with almost 3 million companies (well at least it feels that way)

What I have not done
-gotten a new social security card. Which means that I must DRIVE all the way to Minneapolis, most likely wait in line for more than an hour. Fill out paperwork and get a new card. Now I must do all of this on a WEEKDAY, between the hours of 9-4. Can you say inconvienent.

-Changed my name on my delta skymiles acct. Really should it be that hard. Do I really need to fax you a copy of my marriage certificate? Just to book a flight. Come on. It should be a simple online change. Why make my life harder

-Gotten a new passport. So now I am unable to travel outside the US. Why have I not got a new passport you ask. Well because they are expensive, and I swear I just got one a few years ago.

If this does not convince you that men need to change their names. Or that you should not get married. Then I don't know what will...

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