Captian Stan

We have a new member of our family. His name is Captian Stan. Or just Stan if you want.

Molly does not like Stan. She spends the majority of her time making really weird/strange/mean noises in the direction of Stan. And has now taken to following him around wherever he goes. It is interesting, and fun to watch as long as no one gets hurt.

Stan is 8 weeks old, and loves to play and cuddle...Molly is an old maid who likes to sleep and sometimes love if she is in the mood.

Do you see the difference? Molly has a little bit of a "I feel replaced" mentality regarding Stan. So I am just ignorning them both and watching them run around.

At least they are entertaining themselves and not bothering me. Which was the goal........Right?

Hopefully babies are just as easy, when we decide to go that route, and I will hope for twins so they can just entertain eachother :)

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