Where was I?

After clicking on the "new post" button over and over and getting an error, I find myself here not remembering what I was going to post about. Memory loss at 24 is not a good sign.

Dru started his new shift today. I am a little torn about how I feel. On one side, I really loved his morning shifts. He would get up really early, be super quiet, get dressed in the bathroom after his shower, turn the coffee on and come in and give me a silent kiss goodbye before his day. He got home around 3:30 most every day and would sometimes take a nap with Stan, or go fishing, and then we would have the evenings to spend together.

Now...He gets to sleep in. Which means that I can't drink my coffee (which I now have to make myself) in bed, while checking email, facebooking, Today Show watching and blogging, and Stan snuggling until I have to be to work at 8am. And by be to work, that means walk downstairs. I now have to be quiet when I get up. Make the coffee, watch the Today show in the living room, and yell at the baby kitties to shut up and stop fighting. I have to also feed the kitties because they are starving because their dad had not fed them. Then Dru gets up whenever it pleases him. Drinks coffee in bed while Stan snuggling. Showers and gets ready for work and does not return home until 10pm.....

After writing this all down it is pretty clear to me who got the short end of the stick in this deal.

If you are having problems identifying who it is that got shorted. ME...ME....ME!!!

So tonight I will be lonely. Or every night for that matter. So if I suddenly become a lot better about calling you back, or actually calling to chat this is why. It is not because I love you more or less I promise. But call me, I'm lonely.


  1. We always get the short end of the stick! Just have to deal with it ;-)

  2. Hold on while I get me kleenex for you. Oh nevermind I must be out of them. Im glad your man gets to sleep in. And in every sense of the words the wives get the SHORT end of the STICK