Ready to WIN a challenge

So as most of you know I have been participating in a weight loss challenge. Since my scale decided to fail me last week and stop working I have been wondering where I stand with my weight loss, and how much I need to lose to overcome the top weight loss loser and win the challenge.

Well I weighed myself today and I have 3lbs to go to be tied with the first place person from last week. I am hoping that my grueling workout today and the 2 that I plan on doing tomorrow before the challenge will be enough to give me that last boost to win.

Wish me luck... and I might be running in place while working tomorrow. And just possibly rewarding myself with a yummy grilled cheese after weigh-in tomorrow night.


  1. Only 3 pounds?!? You can so do that!! Keep going lady!!

  2. go into a sauna and sweat it out like boxers do before their weigh in!

    i'm so freaking excited for you...pleaaaaaaaase text me/call me with the results!