Part two of "why my appendix did not need me anymore"

So I think that I ended last time with the potassium and the hints of surgery that were to happen later that night....But I could be wrong.

Finally another Dr. decided that it was a good idea to come in and tell me that they were trying to get a hold of a surgeon and that I was to have my appendix removed because it was "hot". I am guessing that hot means inflamed and that it was not happy in my body. They didn't want it to burst so they started giving me antibiotics along with everything else that I was being injected with. And I was starting to get bored. I had been in the ER since 4pm and it was now around 9pm (I think...those details are a little fuzzy and the clock in the room was driving me nuts). I sent Dru home to feed the kitties, get me some comfy underpants (yes a thong is not the best choice when sitting in a hospital bed or after surgery) some socks and my computer.

I didn't think to ask for the most essential item which are my sleeping pants. I didn't think that I would have to stay in the hospital over night. For some reason I was assuming after my surgery they would let me go home to my comfy bed and sleeping pants. Boy was I wrong. And I regretted this decision almost instantly when Dru returned with the "essentials" I had asked for. I didn't even ask for a toothbrush. I was not thinking straight. So word to the wise-ask for sleeping pants when embarking on a surgery and overnight stay in the hospital. Since the drawstring waist velour pants are VERY warm to sleep in, and are not tight around the ankles and ride up when you sleep and then your legs touch. I'm slightly nuerotic about my legs touching if you didn't notice. I would call it one of my biggest quirks.

Anyways, back to the story at hand. They (I don't know who they are, but they suck) decided that I was to stay down in the ER as long as possible before my surgery. NoT cool. I wanted a TV and a comfy bed so I begged to be sent upstairs. Which finally happened around 11pm. They wheeled my up to the third floor to my new comfy (or more comfy than the ER) room. Private room with a big window and a view, and my own bathroom, and bed that moved up and down, and a button to bother people when I needed to pee. So I got in my new bed. Asked for a million covers and they decided that I needed more potassium. Seriously need to start eating banana's or something cause getting it injected is hell. I needed an ice pack to put on my arm to stop the burning and stinging and feeling that my arm was going to fall off feeling as the potassium was entering my veins. I got comfy-looked for Top Chef on the TV. Which does not make much sense as I think that it was Tuesday night but Dru and I were both really tired and out of it. So we searched for the channel with no luck.

Dru got comfy in his chair and decided to take a little nap. Me on the other hand. I was wired and not tired and anxious that I was going to be having surgery and not knowing when. So Dru napped, I channel surfed and they finally took me downstairs for prep for surgery. They made me take off my pants for surgery-which was not my fav, but ohh well. So I waited in the room, which seemed like FOREVER. Talked to the Dr. and all the necessary parties and was ready to get this show on the road. It was past midnight-it was 1am ish. And I was in pain, tired, anxious, and ready to take a little nap....

Speaking of nap. you are probably ready to take one too. So part 3 will happen whenever I feel up to the task. Saying a specific time is not the best because then you expect something from me-and well I can't always deliver.

Have a great Sunday!


  1. I was wondering when #2 was happening! Thanks I do love to here from you daily! Maybe u need to start eating a banana every morning, I do but your dad dosent oh & his apendix did't like him either! Scarry. Love ya MoM! ps will be waiting for #3......

  2. So hard to think straight in a situation like that! Glad you got moved to a private room and didn;'t ave to wait things out in the ER.

  3. I hope you are feeling better. We missed you at Feed My Sheep.

  4. Erin! I heard about this through an email and meant to email you! I'm glad to see you are on the mend and now have your comfy underpants and sleep pants! :) You like to keep things interesting, don't you?! Take care of you and let me know if you are around this weekend and I will bring you some cucumbers! :)