Working Out-Or Taco Bell?

Today is the first day of my new workout plan to go along with my new eating. I am meeting my personal trainer at the park in 45 mins. I have on my workout "gear" and it is HOT outside. And supposed to rain and storm today.

Heres to hoping that it does not thunder and lightning and rain on me when I am getting my fitness on. And that I lose even more inches and don't temp myself with Taco Bell since it is located in the town of the park that I will be working out in.

What are you doing today for your self? Working on your fitness, or eating Taco Bell? Because props to you if you decide on either, they are both pretty good choices if you ask me.

1 comment:

  1. Taco Bell right by where you work out is brutal!!

    I am lying around being a lazy bum and growing some eggs... legit! :)