Part Three "Why my appendix didn't need me anymore".....

So I am sick of my own story. And thus it is now a week later that I lost my appendix. To make a long story short, they took it out. I had to stay at the hospital until afternoon the next day. They didn't have very good food, and I am pretty sure that the internet there caused my macbook to crash and lose her harddrive.

But now it is tuesday again. I am working. Not planning on needing any more body parts removed any time soon. Planning for some storms that are going to happen tonight. Thanking god for AC since it is HOTT outside, and humid and just plain gross.

I am enjoying spending time with my husband as he will start the night shift tomorrow. I am not looking forward to him working until 10ish at night. That means that I will be lonely at nighttime. I will have nothing to do when he is not home and I will probably go to bed early. I might drink wine by myself or bring a bottle over to my good friend Lorayne's house to share. She is a great wine partner since she lives walking distance, we get along great and love to chat, and she loves wine just as much as I do.

We are going to a Twin's game on Sat. I am really excited as I have not yet been to the new field. It is nice (I have been told) the weather is going to be great (crossing fingers) and we have great seats (thank's boss)!

My brother and Kyla arrive on Tuesday!! YAY! I am super excited. But that also means that I have a lot of cleaning to do before they arrive. I want my house to be super duper clean, and as free of kitty hair as possible. But since the kitties shed a lot I don't know how possible that will be.

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  1. I apparently missed a lot of your life while I was halfway around the world. I'm so glad to hear that you're doing better and that you have visitors on the way. As long as you settle down there for good, I should be able to come visit some time!!