Good Morning Sunshine-Oh wait too early?

I woke up this morning before the sun came up. The sun arrives at around 530am-which is when I was closing the front door, ipod blasting and running shoes on my feet-going to meet the world.

Damn it felt good to be outside in the early morning, when it was not sticky and too hott. It felt good to hear my feet slaming against the pavement-and not the rest of my body. You see, I am not so much a runner and one time my ankles just decided to give out and my hands, face and knees met the pavement really fast-and they were not ready to be friends.

I live in fear of running, and falling down in public. Or not in public and to be stranded. Dru was already working away when I went for a run. He gets up much earlier than I do on a daily basis (but I don't nap....so there).

The run was great-laundry is started-showered and hair dried, bengay rubbed on my sore muscles from Jodi the personal trainer trying to kill me yesterday. I almost fell off a mountain-or maybe is was just a hill but when she is forcing me to stride as far as I can-holding weights up said "mountain" in 90degree heat and humidity-it feels like a damn mountain.

Ready to win this damn weight challenge-be fit and sexy, and maybe just maybe eat a piece of bread. I have been craving bread since this started and I haven't caved yet-but I want a grilled cheese so bad I can taste it.

Is a grilled cheese flavored shake possible? With good calories, and protein and lingering grilled bread and grilled cheese flavor???


  1. Soooo proud of you. Love it when i get up oh ya at 7:15.. and you have already bloged just for me to read. Makes my day start out sunny! As for the grilled cheese I gave em up also,they were good but bad! Keep up the good hard work Love ya mom

  2. Oh I hate when you get those cravings!! Even for something as simple as grilled cheese, if you aren't letting yourself have it, it seems like gourmet! Ah, so with you there.

    It sounds like you're doing great though! I wish I could get myself into running.

  3. Good for you! I think you are doing such a great a job. I have those cravings too but they usually include doughnuts. Mmmmmmm