Part one "why my appendix didn't need me anymore"

So I got to thinkin.....Bout time I start doing that after being on a mental check out for the past few days! I never really explained what happened to me. How I ended up in the hospital after a rather great outlook on life Tuesday morning.

Well here goes it. Tuesday was a great day. I was feeling great, motivated and had a great look on the day. I even wrote a post about my favorite morning news host and his balding :) I had worked out with my personal trainer the day before, was not as sore as I thought that I was going to be, was ready to when the weight loss challenge final weigh-in that was Tuesday night, celebrate a dear friends bday with her and go out for fattening food and drinks (after weigh-in, of course)....Things were great.

I had not yet showered for the day, which is pretty par for the normal here at Casa Erin and Dru. Showering happens when I have to go somewhere, and I was planning on running after work anyway. Working from upstairs because I got bored with my office downstairs. Working hard, chatting it up with the coworker on IM passing convo's back and forth about exciting stuff, ya know the norm! Dru was napping and had gotten home from work. Stan had joined him.

I started having a weird pain in my lower right side of my abdomen. A strange pain that I had never had before. Something that was hurting and hurting bad. I had a sort of bad tummy ache in the middle of the night the night before, but I figured that I was fine. Just normal bad tummy, maybe I ate something funny?

Well the pain started to get worse. I woke Dru up and laid on the bed and cried. I didn't want to go to the Dr. I didn't want to go to the hospital. I figured it would go away. Well I did some Dr. Google next. Who does not Dr. Google when something weird is happening? Don't lie!

Dr. Google tells me that it could be my appendix. I have most of the symptoms. I should probably go to the ER since I can't sit, stand, go to the bathroom. Ect. I get there, get to a room and wait and wait and wait. 45 mins goes by, and I have tried to tell myself that I am fine. I don't want to be there. I am FINE! Well, I was finally seen. Turns out he didn't think I was fine. I got an iv started, and blood tests, all that jazz. Turns out they think appendix too. Need to do a CT scan to confirm. I drink nasty stuff, and wait some more. An hour later I had the CT. Not too scary, but damn was I thirsty! I was parched. I had not eaten anything since the night before, so thirsty I thought that I could die, and just plan uncomfortable with pain.

We wait, did I mention that I did a lot of waiting? While waiting I was informed that I was
a. not preg. okay thanks, thats not what I am here for.
b. low on Posassium ( I don't know how to spell, I don't care) and that I needed some in my iv
c. most likely had a probelm in my abdominal region....well DUH. that is why I am here?

So while we waited for the resluts from the CT. It was decided that I needed some potassium. Straight up in the iv, that was ever so nicely delivering me some fluids, pain meds and now some more "good stuff"....WRONG. That shit hurts going in the viens. Hurts so bad I started crying and I think that I might have yelled fuck at the nurse! oops. It hurt, I apologized for my bad language, but I could not take it. The burning the stinging the feeling as if my arm was going to fall off. Just all in all bad news. But I needed it. Especially if I was going to have surgery. (this my friends is the first time that surgery was brought up directly to my face) I could hear them chatting outside my room, but no one tells you anything when you are in the ER for hours on end. I needed potassium or they would not preform surgery "later tonight".

So I am sure that everyone knows the outcome of this post and I am tired and need a nap-But I will continue tomorrow or later today when I have more energy.



  1. Erin, did they tell you what was wrong with your appendix? I only ask, because when I had my first endo surgery they discovered my appendix was covered in endo. They actually removed it to be safe (which we had never discussed before - I just woke up appendix-less) even though I had never really had problems. They said it was inevitable that the endo would cause it to burst eventually.

    I'm wondering if your endo did the same thing?

  2. YIKES! I'm glad it turned out okay! One time I thought my appendix was about to explode and it was the scariest thing ever!!! I had to get all the tests done, and they just freak you out even more! But I'm super glad they figured it out, got it out of you, and that you're doing well :)