Thunder and Lightning

I love spring storms. The rumble of the thunder and the flash of lightning is exciting to me. The pouring rain outside my window at 5 in the morning. Almost soothing while I sleep. Excited to wake up and check out the storms.

The rumble that shakes my bed while I lay here drinking coffee getting ready for the day to begin.

I am taking this a a good omen for the next chapter in my life. The one that begins today.

25 years ago I was born - with a purpose...Today I will work towards that purpose (whatever it may be :)

And want to know the other good news........I can now legally rent a car
My boss informed me of this in a birthday email this am :)

The little things!


  1. 25. Holy what? I feel older and older reading these blogs. Where is the Senior Citizen Section of the BLoggers

    Happy Birthday

  2. We have had a bit of rain and I love it! I like your line on I have a purpose a great reminder to us all....wishing you a great day:)