Hi my name is Erin and I am...

I have something to confess. It is not something that I am proud of, but it has become a necessity to surviving a home office. 

Hi my name is Erin: I am scared of my cat (Molly)!

She looks so innocent

Very Proper

Yes you read that right. I am terrified of Molly. 

This all started about a month ago. I was working away at my desk, and Molly was curiously walking on my desk in front of the screen like she always does. 

I gave her a little push....and then she did it - she SHARTED on my desk. For those of you who are wondering what a Shart is: A combination of a shit and a fart...

Molly had never done this before, I was appalled and grossed out, but more importantly I was worried about my kitty. Why would her tummy hurt? Did we feed her something that she shouldn't be eating?

I cleaned and sanitized and told Dru that Molly had a problem. He told me to take her to the vet, I told him it was probably an isolated incident and it was fine. 

Fast forward about one week. Molly is again in front of my screen and I can’t work because I can’t see - I give her a slight push and SHHHHHHHHARRRRRRRRRRTTTTTTTTTTTTT  all over my stuff. This time I was pissed. Mad, Livid, grossed out - you name it. There was cat poop on my stuff and it stunk! 

Molly is now banned from my office. Never again allowed to visit again.  

Except for the Saturday before Easter. I was working bright and early trying to get some things done while everyone else was sleeping. Folding papers for mailings, ect. 

Molly crept in and before I knew it she was on my desk. I was in a hurry and frustrated so I pushed her a little.......we all know what is coming next. She Sharted. On my stuff, and I screamed bloody murder while trying to not throw up on myself because of the smell. This time Dru was home to see the evidence. I woke him up and made him come in to see the stinky evidence left by his loving kitty. 

We joke about it, I close my door when working - but something has got to give. I can't keep living my life in fear that she will shart on my stuff again. 

So young and innocent (In my old basement office-Nov 2009)

And for the record, I am the ONLY one who has ever been sharted on by Miss Molly. No one else and no other room in the house other than my office have been graced with this lovely habit of hers. So you are safe if you come visit. I promise Molly won't shart on you, unless your name is Erin and you sit at my desk trying to get work done. 


  1. yeah I would be scared too. The cat perhaps doesn't like you. lol

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. The cat shit on you, that is too funny. haha
    \Just getting you ready for kids that are gonna shit all over you too.

  3. I wonder if she is asserting her "womanhood." Does she love Dru more than you? Maybe she is just snarky and this is her way of letting it all out. Sorry.

  4. Awwwww, that is very odd, but kinda funny!