Playing Games for Fun

A friend of mine invited me to play on a women's softball team this year. I was slightly skeptical about agreeing, I haven't played an organized sport that didn't involve drinking since my 2nd year of high school. Yes in college sorority sports usually involved booze - which was entirely okay with me :)

Was I going to be any good? I am a super competitive person by nature, so naturally I was worried about sucking.

I don't like to suck at something. If I am going to do something I want to be good at it, so I was nervous about my softball skills.

Well tonight I realized that playing something for fun is just that - Fun! I had a great time, didn't break any bones, and didn't strike out. All in all a great night. We didn't win, we aren't the BEST team out there, but I think it is a great group of girls!

I can't wait for the next game and spending Wednesdays getting to know new people and getting in a work out.

I know that I need: a new glove, some cleats and most likely bug spray (I do still live in Minnesota and bugs are starting to come out :)

Game On!

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