Buying Children's Books when Childless?

I almost wonder if buying children's books when I don't have a child earns me a weird pedophile status? Like hanging out in an ice cream truck when you don't have kids?

Okay just kidding, but I did buy a children's book today for my "future children"...

You all know about my love for The Pioneer Woman - Ree Drummond. I have her cookbook thanks to my beautiful mother and my 24th Birthday, and I read her blog daily.

I also read her most recent book that she published and fell in love. Which is why I decided to buy her book about Charlie (her most adorable basset hound) http://thepioneerwoman.com/

Picture from Ree's Blog and her 20 steps to writing the book.....

Growing up we had basset hounds. I say plural Hound(s) because Butch lived with us for only a short time before he had to live with someone else. He couldn't keep his saggy chops off of the kitty's. He lives (and as far as I know is still living) a very happy life eating ice cream and hanging out with a very nice family that loves him lots. Homer was our other basset hound. He was old...very old and died of old age when I was young. But I do remember him and his floppy ears and floppy skin and well - everything about a basset hound is floppy :)

Anyways, I am super excited for my new book about Charlie the Basset Hound. And one day I will read it to my children, whenever they decide to arrive. 

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