24 years and 364 days of putting up with me...

Exactly a year ago on May 8th, 2010 I was undergoing surgery with my lovely mother by my side. I felt like shit, my body hurt and I was probably (used loosely because I am SURE that I was) an unappreciative bitch. So for that I am sorry. I miss you and wish that you could be here this year. I would guarantee that this year would mean breakfast in bed (for you and not me) mimosa's and a trip to the Olive Garden. (Yes that is where I get to go for dinner tonight)

Last year my mom flew to Minnesota from California to be by my side. To take care of me, celebrate my birthday and mothers day. She didn't get the vacation that she deserved, she instead got to sit with me in the hospital and then in my bed recovering from a surgery that sucked ass. She didn't once complain. She nursed me back to health, cooked for me, went grocery shopping, she even made tiramasu from scratch because that is what "I wanted"...My mom is truly a selfless person. The most caring loving person ever. Even when I am a pain in the ass, because I can guarantee that I was one last year.

My mom is seriously my best friend. I couldn't have asked for a better mom, and friend. She is always loving and supporting. She believes in me when I have crazy ideas, and even when I don't believe in myself.

Today is about mom's. And I am lucky to say that I seriously have one of the best. I wish that I could spend the day with you and do everything for you. You deserve it!

I hope one day that I can be the amazing mom that you have been for me to my son or daughter. Because if I am even half of the mom that you have been I will feel accomplished (no mom I'm not pregnant - although that would be a pretty kick ass mothers day/birthday gift :)

Happy Mothers day Mom and to the rest of you mom's out there as well!

ps if you were wondering - Stan and Molly didn't get me anything for Mother's Day (yet)...As long as I don't get sharted on I will call it a day for celebration :)

Thank you for the past 24 years and 364 days and for being the best EVER! Cheers! Drink a glass of wine and relax - you deserve it.

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  1. Happy Birthday, Erin! Tomorrow is it? Hope you have a wonderful day...enjoy it!