I need a Roommate

This is a plea for help! 

I need a roommate stat. Like preferably one that can move in tonight-and please bring all their work professional clothing. As a matter of fact-your stuff can move in and you can move in later if you would like. 

Now don't get me wrong. I love my current roommate. Dru is a great guy. He has a lot to offer this house and situation. I love him a lot. But I need a woman in my life. 

Size 6 or 8 pants. Size 8 shoes please. Probably around 5 7 or 5 6 would work great. Fairly chesty as well is preferred (I am not going to put my bust size out there to the internet because that would just be weird)

I would put this on craigslist. But then people might just think that we are swingers. And that is not the type of roommate that I am looking for. 

I need clothes for this little trip of mine. And I miss the days of living with lots of girls. Girls who had much better closets than I did. Ones that had great work appropriate wardrobes. 

So if you are looking to move to the Midwest. Just know that this woman needs another woman in her life. 

A few rules: I won't share my husband with you. I am not so great at sharing a bathroom either. Household chores are a must. Preferably someone that likes to mop and load and unload the dishwasher. Dusting is also a nice added bonus. No cattiness or fighting. Must love cats, hate the show "the office"...and watch sports when I feel like it. Red wine drinker preferred, but you must be willing to contribute to the wine rack. 

After typing this out-maybe I just need a personal shopper? 

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