A Poopy Situation

I have something to share with you and I am not proud to do so or looking for sympathy but seriously something happened today that is just not right.

This story actually begins yesterday.

I was going about my normal Saturday activities cleaning the house picking up things and so on and so forth.

Then I discovered that the kitties "poop house" was slightly stinky. It needed to be cleaned out. Not a big deal, I clean the kittys poop house a few times a week. Not something that I can't handle.

I disposed of dirty poop house contents took out the trash and then went to replace the litter with new clean and fresh stuff for my princess kitties.

We were out of the regular litter! And I didn't feel like going to the store. But I couldn't just not refill the poop house because then where would they go potty?

So I used the litter that we had. The stuff that was remaining in the bag from when they had their claws removed. Some natural pellet looking stuff that smells like trees. Not a big deal. They should be fine and I can handle the tree smell for a little while until I go to Target and get more litter.

Well last night I noticed both kitties "inspect" their poop house and make a dirty face and decide that they didn't need to do their business at that point in time. I didn't really think much of it but I didn't think that they would hold out forever. Or maybe they would just learn to use the people potty?

Boy was I wrong!

Today I was continuing my cleaning spree. Thinking that I was going to clean my office a little bit and maybe move the stool from the kitchen table back upstairs that Dru had put in his bar a month ago.

Something didn't smell so great downstairs. A shitty smell. Something stunk and I had a BAD feeling. The kitties had pooped downstairs before-once in the downstairs shower and I figured it was because they might have gotten shut in downstairs.

I checked the shower and my office. NO poop! Thank god...maybe I was imagining the smell?

Wrong again!

I decided to look behind the bar-and OMIGOD poop central. The damn cats had been pooping behind the bar in two different corners (they don't share well?) for probably a day or so. Seriously I wanted to vomit. Or kill kitties. I couldn't decide which.

I cleaned up the poopy situation that I was faced with reluctantly and the sanitized and scrubbed and febreezed and repeated the protocol to rid the basement of poop.

Then I replaced the poop house with litter that was up to par for my princess kitties.

Surprise Surprise-there was NO poop in the tree smelling pellets. Just pee. Hmmmmmmmm...I wonder why?


  1. Oh girl at least it wasn't cat pee down there!! That smell NEVER comes out!!! :)

  2. Oh Erin! Stories like this really just solidify my decision not to be a pet person! Ick!!

  3. My cat is finicky too. Has to have his food. The litter box must be pristine. The trick with the pine litter is to introduce it slowly. They say it takes about a month to completely switch them over to it.