My head is going to explode

Every single time I get on an airplane I get sick. Sitting in an airtight place with WAY too many people and their germs and my body just can't handle it.

I could never be a school teacher!

But I am sick. Probably dying (I might be over dramatic) but most definitely not feeling well at all. And the best part about this?

Working from home means that I am still working while using the mute button A LOT when I am coughing so hard that I might throw up.

Good Times. Good Times.

Now back to my theraflu hot tea to get me through the work day. The weekend could not come soon enough.

Has anyone rented any good movies lately? I already know what my weekend will look like-movies, theraflu, sleep and rest.

And you know what. I am okay with that. As long as I feel better for Vegas in a few weeks.


  1. Great so that means the husb and I cant hit the bars this weekend. Sick, you got sick on purpose just to keep him at home.

    Movie, the Robin Hood with Russell Crowe was awesome,

  2. Oh I always get sick on the damn plane too! I feel your pain. Hope you feel better soon:)