In a Food Rut

I am currently preparing Halloween themed Kraft Mac and Cheese for Breakfast.

Yes the kind that comes in a box that has a "cheese" pouch featuring mega orange cheese powder. For Breakfast!!!

What is wrong with me? Why do I even own this item-let alone think that I might want it for breakfast. We don't have kids in the house so I don't even get to use that excuse.

Whatever, I am not afraid to admit that I might be in a food rut-and with the temp at 41 degrees currently-my heater running and me wearing comfortable sweats I think that I deserve mac and cheese for breakfast.

I traveled for the past 5 days-a lazy day of not showering or doing my hair and eating bad is in my future. And I am not afraid to admit it.

What do you eat that you don't admit to the world?

PS. I am probably going to add a Smart Dog to my Mac and Cheese for a little protein. How many of you want to gag now?


  1. Ok, your husband needs to step in and cook some food to save you the trouble of eating weenies in cheese

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  3. This post had me cracking up laughing. My “food” that I don’t usually admit is pretty gross. I drink tuna and OJ shakes for a quick sugar and protein boost after weights. I like it, but people think it’s disgusting. :)