Regretting my Choice of Shoes

This weekend was about walking. Walking and walking and walking. Miles upon miles it felt like around the convention floor. Now this was not a horrible thing except for the fact that my feet feel like they are 95 years old. I need a pedicure and STAT. That might be my afternoon activity once I get home since I am working on the plane right now.

I love this internet in the air! Except for that my boss is probably trying to log in since his flight left after mine and I am using his internet password :) Ooppsss Maybe I should be a good employee and log off and read a trashy magazine instead.

Anyways-I hope that you all had a great weekend. Mine was pretty good. But I must say that I am ready to be back home with my family. Dru, Stan and Molly probably miss me A LOT. And just don't know what to do since I have been gone.

I sure hope that Dru washed the sheets (hint hint honey-before you leave to pick me up you better have this done).....

But do you want to know the most disappointing thing about returning to MN. I just checked the weather. And there is no more 80 degree days in my future. This might have been the last I see of fun in the sun until next summer. I will need to pack up my shorts and tanks and get out my winter clothes.

Good thing I ate and ate and ate this weekend and added some lbs to this body of mine for insulation. Because the lows are creeping into "snow" temps later this week.

Enough rambling from me. Happy Monday

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  1. Those convention center floors are brutal. Concrete with no padding. I always wear sneakers. Fashion be damned - I'm going to be comfortable!