I'm Not Ready!

Want to know what does not work out well when working from home?

Power Outages!!

We were without power for about 15 hours Tuesday night into yesterday afternoon. It went out when we went to bed on Tuesday and was not back on when it was time to get up for work Wednesday morning.

Working from home means that you rely on a few things and one of them is power. The other being internet/phone.

Internet and phone decided to go out Tuesday night for a few hours when I was supposed to be on a conference call and needed to send some important emails. This is no bueno in my book. But I rolled with it and was done working for the night since I could no longer do what I needed to do.

But power outages make other things not so fun! Like realizing that I could not have my morning coffee Wednesday morning. Or the fact that there were snowflakes falling outside and my heat didn't work due to having no power.

This girl is not equipped for no heat + snow flakes. Not at all!!

So lets hope that the power does not decide to leave this Midwest home ever again, especially during what is going to be a cold winter. Because do we have anything other than a cold winter up here in MN? I think not!


  1. My parents lost power in that storm, I didn't however, thankfully. I am so not ready for winter yet, esp if it's gonna be that brutal.

  2. I HATE power outages... mostly because I'm secretly afraid of the dark! :)

  3. Come on now. Power outages and snow make for fun times. Just pretend you are living back in the day and make due. Plus now you have an excuse to not work

  4. Oh goodness! No power is awful when you can’t get anything done and you are cold! I lived in MN for a little bit (Edina) and I was NOT a fan of those freezing winters!!! I hope you are having a WARM weekend!