Greetings From Orlando

Happy Friday!
I am currently working from Orlando this weekend-and by working I mean trying to get my damn internet to work in this stupid hotel. Getting mad about what to wear because I hate to iron and my skirt is WAY too big and falling off because I didn't bring a belt, but I am still wearing it anyway. Getting ready to walk miles and miles tomorrow and Sunday on the show floor. All while meeting new people who's names I probably won't remember.

But the upside is that that the weather is beautiful-I had a great dinner last night and I actually feel pretty good this weekend. I am not dying in pain like I have been for a while. I am in good spirits and I am determined to enjoy myself at this work conference.

So I hope that everyone has a fantastic weekend. If by chance you are in Orlando-stop by and say hello :)


  1. You're in my my neck of the woods! Enjoy the gorgeous weather we're having!

  2. Ooooh. It is nice here this weekend. My husband and I are totally hitting the outlets this weekend. :)