For some reason I feel that I should preface this post by saying that I may or may not googled Brett Farves nether regions?.....Anyways. What this really is a a ploy for help. Help! We are going to Vegas next month and need fun things do to. Me, Dru, Mom, Dad, Erik and Kyla-all in the big city for the night/weekend. Fun must be had.

That's about I am can put together right now-beer has been flowing-painting has been done by yours truly. Time for bed.

Suggestions are WELCOME! Come on blog friends. help a girl out.


  1. !! I love Vegas!

    I actually put together a list for a friend of mine a few months ago:

    Hope you have a great time!

  2. Do you define fun as making it rain Dom Perignon across the pool at XS? Wait...wrong crowd...who does that? ;)

    Go to Garth!!!!! That's once in a lifetime and would be amazing!! And ride the NYNY and stratosphere roller coasters, drink a tower at margaritaville, play craps at Paris, play penny slots at the Tropicana, shop at the boutiques by Caesar's/Venetian, and check out the new City Center. I've also heard Ka is a really good show if you're into Cirque De Soleil.