Fun and Sun

In case you missed that it is now November in the Midwest and currently 38 degrees, I thought that I would share this little piece of information with you.

I also am the whitest that I have EVER been in my 24 years of existence on this earth. My body did not get its tan on this summer at all and therefore I am white. Really white.

I will be going somewhere warm this weekend. Somewhere where the temp is going to be in the 80's. I might even wear a bathing suit and get a tan?

I could not be more excited about our upcoming vacation. To celebrate my Mom's birthday in Vegas with the Family. I have planned a shopping trip to the Mall of America this evening to get some new cute Vegas appropriate clothing for the weekend, and I also need a pedicure and probably should start some laundry and make sure that Dru has clean clothes............Did I mention that I should probably be working instead of blogging?

Happy Almost birthday Mom and Reem and Stan too....Yes I am weird and decided that Stan should share his birthday with two of my favorite people in the world! Love you!


  1. Did I not mention that we will go get pedi in Vegas! and oh yeah I still have my summer tan Love ya !!!!!!!Mom.

  2. Man, a MOM's bday party in Vegas? Sounds like a little too much fun might be had.

  3. I have the same birthday as your cat now? Lol, love. happy birthday Christie!