Most people are doing posts about what they are Thankful for today because Thanksgiving is coming up....But I'm just not in the mood. And there are a lot of things that I just can't stand right now and need to get off my chest. So sorry if you came here for some sort of happy go lucky shit.....

Things that I am UnThankful For-Or Things that are driving me F'n Nuts

1. The weather. Seriously -2 degree windchill? Not cool, especially knowing that I have at least 3 or 4 more months dealing with this shit.

2. See rant #1 and couple that with my husband being a lazy asshat and walking past the FULL and stinking trashcans on his way out the door-and Today is Tuesday....What does that mean? Trashday? Yup!

3. Stinky kitties and point #2 that my husband sucks and didn't take out the trash which means he didn't clean the kitty litter either....

4. Edited to protect myself-Even though this is MY blog-I should probably be careful about what I say as it is public.

5. My husband ordering an expensive phone with all the bells and whistles that he probably can't afford and most definitely does not need. Does he need internet or email service with his phone? Nope. But he goes ahead and buys a phone with it and will pay for the service. While me-wifey with a job that relies on me responding to emails has a stupid purple blackberry (did I mention that purple is my LEAST favorite color) that decides to do the white screen of death a few times a day...

6. Stupid doctors who think that my back pain is probably not related to my endo-even though it goes away when my endo pain goes away. But think that antibiotics will "cure" me. Seriously? I have been in pain for almost a year with a month in between where I didn't feel like shit. So antibiotics are the cure? Glad your a fucking genius and get paid for this shit.

7. Driving tonight in the cold and ice to go to an appt that is an hour away. And now the hubby probably isn't going with me because he walked in the door 20mins ago "sick" from work. And then bitches that the bed is not made because I am washing the sheets???

8. Did I mention that #7s appt is therapy? Your probably thinking THANK GOD this woman needs therapy. Maybe I should just print out this list and take it to my appt?

9. There are a few more things that I can bitch about but as I hit publish I will most likely want to take back everything that I wrote-and I know that hubby is sitting on his ass upstairs and will read this soon and blah blah blah......Erin over and out! Its 1pm and I have to get back to work


  1. I'm unthankful for endo too... and thinking it is totally time for you to get a new doctor friend! :(

  2. Oh girl, I understand the pain and hell from this disease! I agree with SIF in the comment posted. You deserve a better doctor, hon.

  3. LOL! Classic! I'm un-thankful for a houseful of family members talking too loud for me to enjoy the football games.