Today is a better day

I awoke at 645 ready for the day. Refreshed and slept well.

Things are better from my downer of a post yesterday. I am over it.

I went to therapy last night and talked things out. I have a new blackberry (no more stupid purple one) Trader Joes was a success, my wine rack is stocked, tomorrow is a holiday that lasts until Sunday night......

But-it is going to be a brutal day out there today. And I still need to get some things for my pumpkin pie baking that I am going to be doing. I need to leave the house and go to the store. Something that will need to happen before it starts to sleet and freeze rain and snow. Because I won't be leaving the house again until the bad weather is gone or someone else is driving :)

Happy Wednesday everyone!

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  1. I LOVE TRADER JOES! We don’t have one in AR, but I would go every week when I lived in Minneapolis. I miss “just bananas...flattened”. My sister promised to bring me to the Trader Joes here in NY on my visit. And I’m super excited to stock up on much needed goodies that I can’t buy in AR!

    I hope you get out before the weather gets too bad!