Why oh Why do I do this to myself?

I have mentioned before on this blog that I have a wax pot.

The wax pot is great and comes in really handy and saves me money a lot of the time. I can wax my own eyebrows, armpits (seriously don't knock it until you have tried it, seriously AMAZING) and whatever else I want to wax.

Today I decided to wax an area that SHOULD NOT be waxed at home. Lets just say that there are licensed people who tear hot wax off of peoples who ha's for a reason. These people are skilled.

I am NOT one of those skilled professionals. I am just a girl with a wax pot.

Now I am a girl in pain, with wax in places that it shouldn't be that I can't get off because it hurts. I am a stupid, stupid girl that has to figure out a plan of easily removing wax that doesn't involve more pain.

I am in a sticky situation. And now searching the internet for a fix. Somethings just shouldn't be photographed or googable.

If you have any advise or have been in this situation before-I would love suggestions. Because as I said before on my "Brett Favre" post. Googling is just not my friend sometimes :)


  1. Haha. My only advice is get some scissors or clippers and snip-snip. I feel your pain. So not cool.

  2. girl... BABY OIL!! It should help take that excess wax right off. I mean DOUSE yourself in baby oil...

    That is what takes the remnants of wax off of me when I wax my eyebrows and lip.

  3. Baby oil lots of baby oil !!!! did ya not learn from the 1st time crazy girl love ya mom ps I just might have to come take that wax pot away from ya!!!!

  4. Yeah, I am not commenting on this. Better luck next time