Athlete to Housewife Transition

Back in the days of high school I used to be an athlete. Seriously I did basketball, track, soccer, and I even once was a cheerleader. I wasn't really the "cheerleader" type so that didn't work out so well. But I pole vaulted and loved it, played soccer, made the JV basketball team as a freshman.....blah blah so you now get the point.

I was in shape. I could run, and jump and play because my body was young. I probably would not have even thought twice about running a 5k.

Now most of you are probably wondering what I am bitching about-I am only 24 and my body is not old. But here's the thing.

"I used to be an athlete-now I am just a housewife-who does not even cook"......

Yes that really came out of my mouth today. While talking to a client about an upcoming 5K race that we are both running at a convention in the middle of October.

Now before you judge-this transition didn't come easy to me. I would love to still be an athlete, or work out every day for that matter. I did some "sports" in college-If you call drunken kickball a sport (I may or may not have never been allowed to play again for "bad sportsmanship" but that is another story for another day). I also rode my bike a lot in college. Seriously I loved that bike of mine. Too bad she got stolen by a bum in DT SLO.

Now I am a housewife-seriously. I work from home and consider myself a housewife. I don't have kids to take care of but I do clean regularly. I don't cook too often-but when I do I most certainly wear a cute apron.

So how does one get to this point. A point in my life that I am not so super proud of. One that I am dreading running a 5K. A race that I have not trained for one bit. I have not worked out since July 19, 2010. The day before I got my appendix out.

So here I sit. On my ass, "working" or blogging but whatever. Dreading a race. One that I ran last year without training for and finished in pretty decent time. Last year when I was only a housewife for a month before the race. A race that I didn't have 3 surgeries in 6 months before. One that I am not so sure I will be able to complete this year.

I can't walk this thing, I have too much pride for that. So if you see a 24 year old "housewife" limping around a conference in Orlando in the middle of October-you better bet that is me and stop and say hi or offer a girl some ibuprofen.

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