Date Night Update-Lawn grooming

I am sad to say that we didn't have date night last night. Nor will it be happening tonight since Dru is at work until late.

But golfing did happen. He went and golfed by himself at 4pm yesterday and I continued to work until past 5.

The good news is that all of the chores that needed to get done were done, and I was a happy woman. If you have not learned this about me, or don't know it because you never lived with me. I am a little anal when it comes to mowing the lawn.

I hate it when the lawn needs to be mowed. Nothing looks better or smells better than a freshly mowed lawn. I am not against mowing the lawn myself, I actually mow quite a bit. But there is one small problem.

A boat lives on my back lawn. A boat that I have no way of moving myself with Dru is not home. And I mow the lawn when he is not home. Nothing is worse than a square of unmowed lawn when the rest is nicely groomed. I just can't leave a patch. So the whole lawn has to wait until Dru decides he can't handle my rants about the lawn and moves the boat.

Are you sensing my analness? Could you live with me? I bet not. But if you do, I will teach you to mow the lawn.

And I am seriously holding back the biggest urge to post the picture that I have of my dear friend Kristen mowing the Cuesta palace lawn in her bathing suit right now.........

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  1. I think I can live with you. Been there, done that! I wish all roommates were as anal about cleanliness as you and I both are.

    Post the photo of Bantz!