Over the weekend I did not have access to the internet, my phone died and I was in the wilderness. And it felt so good. To forget, to be disconnected from everything.

It feels as if I am always connected to something. Working from home has left work at my fingertips any moment of the day. I can work whenever, but sometimes just need to shut down, turn off and disconnect.

A weekend at my friends cabin was exactly what I needed. It was perfect. I slept in the great outdoors, bundled up in my sleeping bag and sleeping pants, a sweatshirt and blanket. I didn't have Dru to keep me warm, and it was down right cold at night up north. The weather changed so dramatically in the past week and it felt nice to not be sweating all the time.

I read books, drank yummy drinks, cooked, ate, peed in the great outdoors at someone elses cabin (only to see that people were actually home when we left), caught fish, touched worms and minnows, sunned, chatted and disconnected from life.

Hoping that we will be able to disconnect together for our Anniversary on Sunday. One year of married bliss!


  1. Sounds awesome! You need to be able to do that sometimes. Although I feel naked without my phone, sometimes it's nice when I can't use it at all and just enjoy myself without distrations!

  2. Oh it sounds perfect. Sometimes it really does help to truly unplug!