Sunday Funday-without the booze?

Who am I?

I remember when Sundays would start with mimosa's or sparks and drinking ALL day and riding bicycles was required.

Homework was done after a much needed nap-and usually hungover on a Sunday evening from a great day of slip an Slides, too much beer, or hard booze and lemonade......

Well today I am making Minestrone soup-enough to feed an army I must add, watching football minus the beer (Dru isn't even home), and planning on cleaning the house, mowing the yard and making my bed. And probably cooking a delicious dinner or snack while watching football.

Seriously. Who am I?  And why are Sundays so not as fun in the real world????


  1. Oh how I miss Sunday Fundays!! It's been a while since I've had one too!

  2. Oy! Yes Sundays are wonderful with mimosas! And this was your "regular" Sunday? I want to live with you!!!

  3. LOL I had similar thoughts this week as I sat doing homework with my 9 year old at 8pm on a Friday night. Oh have times have changed:)