Scrambling around or a Breakfast meal?

I have been scrambling around the house to get things in order for a short business trip to Chicago tomorrow. Scrambling to get clothes that fit, and go together, yet are comfy and business enough to fit in. I can't wear sweats, a lot of my jeans are probably not considered "bus casual" since I am a little younger than a lot of the people at the conference. But I am going to make it work. Some cute sweaters and cute boots and pants and i'm ready to rock and roll.

Does not help that it is raining and I have to leave the house by 415ish to make my flight on time. I'm not so much a morning person, yet I don't want to wake the hubby up scrambling around in the morning before I leave because I forgot something in the bedroom. He gets cranky when I forget things in the room when he is sleeping. So everything is ready to go in the spare room.

I don't have things under control. There is a lot of work that needs to be done that won't get done over the next couple days because I am at a conference and can't get millions of things done at once. I'm not superwoman. Yet I wish that I was.

I am ready for the weekend that is coming. A much deserved weekend of being at home. Fixing things up for fall that has now arrived. Working at a festival that is in town for only one day and then doing not a whole lot on Sunday but getting things together and focusing on me.

I think that I like all the busy/crazyness, it lets me not focus on other things. But I am pretty cranky lately and snap at people for now reasons. Sorry if you have been on that end of the snappiness. I still love you.

Please love and Chi Town.


  1. Oh early morning flights are SO brutal! Makes my head hurt just thinking about it!

  2. Ug...getting ready for a trip away can make the best of us a tad cranky. Throw in an early flight and I would be a mess! Hope you have a fab time:)