A year ago.......

One year ago I was in California, getting ready for the best day of my life. Preparing for the day I would become Dru's wife. The day that I had been waiting for. 

My dear husband was still in Minnesota, getting ready to fly to California. He overslept and almost missed his flight. I was awake at 3am in California, and thankfully called him to make sure he was on his way for the big day. 

These next few days are crazy busy with work, a different kind of work than last year. Finishing up client projects. Wrapping things up, preparing for the "busy" season in my work. Trade show season. Traveling. 

So I am going to share pictures. Pictures from our special day. 
Unavoidable mouth open face when applying makeup!
Early the morning of the wedding. Walking down the lane in our robes.....

Ready to get in the Limo to go to the wedding site.


  1. Happy anniversary pretty lady!!

  2. Happy Happy Happy 1 year! it was a beautiful time and i feel so lucky to have shared it with you and your wonderful friends!!! love ya both lots and missya MoM.......