Discount for sexiness?

Something embarrassing happened to me today. And I am a little upset about how it all went down.

Dru followed up on his promise to get quotes for our house being re-roofed. And that involved a company coming to our house today at 11am to "take a look".

He even reminded me this morning before he left for work that the guy would be here at 11am. I didn't put it on my calendar. I just thought that I would remember.

Well I forgot.

A doorbell at our front door prompted me to remember as I was on the phone with a client. And I immediately freaked out.

Now, I don't know what you all wear when you are at home working but I don't normally get all dressed up when I am going to see no one all day. When I am just hanging out in my office working away on my computer. A bra is not usually necessary. Small tiny tank tops are standard attire. Sweatpants or short shorts are also fine. Make-up is never used. Shit, sometimes I don't brush my teeth or hair until later in the day.

Well today I was in fine form. I took a shower last night and let my hair "air dry". I have curly hair when it is wet and it looked crazy this morning. I hadn't brushed my teeth let alone even looked in a mirror. I was not wearing a bra and I don't exactly have small breasts. A a tiny tank top was all that I was wearing on top.

I answered the door like this.

Sexy, right?

And our quote for the new project was still $7800.........................Don't I get a boobs hanging out, no makeup stay at home housewife discount?


  1. NO! You get no discount. You may get other peeps in the business to come by in their spare time to offer you a free quote to see you, but no discount

  2. But you did not "flash" them. That is the most important part and you left it out.

    So sad.

  3. Oh man Erin! I am cracking up!!

    If it helps, when the electrician came to my house, I seriously had like bras out and my lingerie was out where he could see it too... I hadn't even THOUGHT to put that stuff away!

    So embarrassing!

  4. Wait!!!! Are you NOT coming to an exciting convention? What????? I have to wait until next weekend to spend time with you???? I don't know if I can wait that long.

  5. That is sooo funny! I remember a landscaper came to my door (they were working on the lawn and garden) anyway when I open the door he said oh can you take your clothes off ...and then he followed with off the clothes line. I think he was been a bit cheeky, however no discounts for me taking his jokes.