Five Q Friday - Easter is about the Mimosa's?

Five Question Friday Peeps (haha aren't those an Easter Candy:)

1. What is your favorite Easter tradition?
Tradition? Does the Easter bunny count? Because I am not an overly religious person, and all it just seems selfish for me to say this. But...My husband is so cute - every year since we have been dating and waking up to each other on Easter morning he makes me an Easter basket. It is so cute that he does this and I love seeing what he puts in it. Usually there is chocolate or a little something for him in there as well. 

2. Are you a "shower" or a "long, hot bath" kind of person?
Both. If I had a better bath tub I would totally be a long hot bath girl, but my body is barely covered in our tub when I "soak" so I prefer a hot shower. 

3. Can you parallel park and if so when is the last time you did it?
Yes! I don't need to parallel park often, but I am actually pretty good at it. If I am driving MY car. Anyone else's car - not so much. 

4. What is your favorite Easter candy?
Tutti Frutti Jelly Beans? I am not a chocolate girl (it has to be dark chocolate) and I am trying to lose some lb's so I would say anything not chocolaty. 

5. Easter: do you go all out with the Easter Bunny or focus on the religious part of the holiday? 
We don't have kids - and are not religious...so we go all out on the mimosa portion of the holiday? Is that legit? 

It is only 5am here (when I wrote this). Today is my hubbys Birthday. Happy 26th Birthday Dru! And Kathy and Brian (Dru's parents) are coming to visit tonight. 

Busy, busy day/weekend. Thankfully I am getting my hair done, acupuncture and need to grocery shop today :) 

Hop Hop Hop ......


  1. leaving some <3 from 5QF! new follower!

  2. I think the Easter Bunny Counts, LOL! Jelly beans are so much better now than when I was a kid. Happy/Hoppy Easter!
    ~Kimberlee, www.TheSpunkyDiva.com

  3. How sweet that your husband gets you and Easter basket! And Happy Birthday to him!

    Have a great weekend!