Knocking on Doors

Attn my Mormon Friend Lisa:
The Jehovah's Witnesses have got your missionaries beat...A very nice lady with her adorable little girl knocked on my door this morning. And delivered this flyer...

I even kept my top on this time :)
For those of you who are new here to this blog - I may or may not have flashed my tata's at the missionaries when I first moved to this cute little town in Minnesota. Only to later realize that these nice boys lived with a friend of mine. I could have swore that I posted about this happening, but I can't find it - so just use your imagination.


  1. Well, if my missionaries showed up with a child in tow, they would be in BIG trouble. I think you should go the JW's church. You won't get any older because they don't celebrate birthdays.

  2. If someone showed up with their kid, I don't think I could turn them down either.