Built in Panties? I'm 24

I have an obsession with Target? But don't we all...Now that I have gotten that statement out of the way I have to ask you a question. 

I am not a "runner" never have been, never will be. But I do go to the gym. Or I should probably say I "will" go to the gym. I bought new cute workout shoes a few weeks ago, and today I decided that I should update my workout wardrobe as well. Yes I still own Adidas stretchy cute workout pants that I bought probably 5 years ago. 

So anyways. I was browsing the workout section at Target and these really cute workout shorts appealed to me. They are blue and flashy so I grabbed my size (L if you are nosey) and put them in my cart without trying them on. 

I don't try things on at Target. The store is literally .5 miles from my house (I have walked there before) and I would rather try on at my own house and then return if needed. 

I was a little surprised to see a built in full granny panty when I put the first leg in. I must admit I was a little leery. Why oh why does Champion workout shorts think that I need granny panties built in? I am not planning on hanging upside down on the bars at school and showing the world my who ha, I am a grown woman, and feel that if I choose to wear a granny panty I should have that choice. 

(Pronto.com you should get models with a six pack (it might be more motivating)?

This above picture is NOT me - I stole it from online, and if you are wondering from my snarky comment, I don't have a six pack, I am just a judgemental bitch 

So runners, or people more versed on workout gear. What the hell is this built in panty for? It most certainly doesn't have spanx material to hold my ass so it doesn't giggle (my butt doesn't giggle JUST yet, but I am sure that this mesh wouldn't prevent any giggling)

And if you must know, I am still wearing my shorts - with a thong and a built in granny panty. They are actually very comfy!


  1. Haha I have a pair of shorts of the same style (from Old Navy)... they just feel awkward!

  2. I hate the built-in underwear. It rubs my legs (groin?) when I run, which is super annoying and uncomfortable.

  3. Ok, so you are wearing them. Get your ass to the gym.

  4. Erin, I am surprised I've never run into you at Target! It is like my second home! I might have you beat...I think it is .4 miles from my house-the other direction from you! I'm sure we will one of these days. Happy running!