Living Life to the Fullest

When I moved to Minnesota it was for one reason - A job. My first real job straight out of college. We (Dru and I) didn't have any other connection here in this lovely state, we didn't know anyone. We were moving for a new opportunity. We knew that our love for each other was enough to move us across the country away from our friends.

I can honestly say that I didn't think about how lonely it would be without the friends that we had made in our 22 years of life. I didn't think that I wouldn't have the opportunity to see my friends when I wanted to without getting on an airplane. I was excited to start our new life together, and to be making money doing a job that I loved. I was excited to work from home and live with my husband. I was excited to adopt a baby kitty and try new things in our new married life.

What I didn't realize is that working from home is lonely. Especially when you don't know anyone in your new town. Being a young married couple with no children doesn't exactly offer many opportunities to meet new people. We are both very social people, yet we didn't meet new friends easily due to our circumstances. We didn't have a connection to the town, or the people.

Until October of our first year we hadn't really met anyone. I decided to check out a women's group that I found online. I was sick of not knowing anyone, I wanted to interact with real people. The crazy life of wedding planning and traveling back and forth to California had ended and we were getting ready to experience our first Minnesota winter. I was sure that it was going to be a cold one, and the impending lazy days were not something that I was looking forward to.

I went to a meeting/social not really knowing what I was getting myself into. I dressed up in cute jeans and boots and set out for an adventure. Little did I know that I would be meeting my first real friends in Minnesota. This was a women's group that did volunteer activities in the community. They were all older than my 23 years of age and I was slightly skeptical. To say the rest is all history is a great way of explaining where I am today.

I have met wonderful women, had a chance to volunteer in the community and laugh more than I have laughed in a long time. Not one of us is exactly alike. There were no rules or criteria for joining the group. I didn't have to pledge to become a "sister" (yes I was in a sorority in college), I was immediately accepted. We are all different: We range in age, some are mom's, one is even a grandmother, some like to drink wine, we are all different religions (or non religious) but the thing that connects us is that we enjoy spending time together and volunteering and laughing. We do so many different things together, and not all of them are volunteering.

So if you are wondering where I am going with this little glimpse into my last 2 years in Minnesota, I am getting there. Last night I went with 2 other gals from the group to downtown Minneapolis to volunteer at the Ronald McDonald House. There I met some other great women and spent the night getting to know more about the House, helping prepare and serve some fun food, and helping out at a place that is truly amazing. I don't know what I was expecting when going to the Ronald McDonald house, but I came out knowing that I have some truly amazing friends who care about others. And that is what makes me appreciate life.

Thanks for inviting me Tanja and Lisa, and for being truly amazing...


  1. This is a great post! My husband and I are moving to Minnesota next year, and I would love to learn more about this group!

  2. All I have to say is you are Truley a Amazing daughter and woman!!!! love ya lot Mom....miss ya toooooo

  3. This is great! I met some women through a mother's group when my daughter was born, but then I moved away and live pretty rural. Slowly I'm getting to know the 'school mums' but it's hard and it's not friendship you know? I would honestly be going mad if it wasn't for the Internet community!

  4. I LOVE this post! Every time I move, there is always a period of lonliness and adjustment where I seriously wonder if I will ever make friends again. And then when I do, there is always a point where it hits me and finally clicks that I've gone and surrounded myself with some amazing women again. And every single time it makes me smile so big to know how lucky I am to have those people in my life. I'm so glad you've found that lady!!