Where I Admit That I was Wrong

The weekends are all about catching up on life and trying to keep my house in order. Yesterday I was feeling productive after a lazy Saturday and decided to clean out the winter from my car. 
These 2 are Always Lazy!

Does your car get all "wintery"? You know, the dirt, salt and nastiness from it being too damn cold to care about how dirty your feet are when you get in the car. And too cold to throw trash away because your hands are full and you will do it next time you get out of the car? *can you tell I am a little neurotic about having a clean car? I don't know how I am ever going to survive having kids with grimy hands. I might have to get a mom mobile (Van) when we have kids and then never ever look into the back of my car if I can help it. 

So anyways, I decided to pull my car out of the garage to vacuum and clean it head to toe. This mission was accomplished without freezing my ass off even though I had on sweats and slippers, so spring IS on its way. 

Sidenote: my "Service Required" light had come on earlier in the week, and I ever so kindly reminded my husband that the oil needed to be changed. I even said it nicely...This point will be relevant for the rest of the saga. 

My car was clean and I was ready to pull her back into the garage while I went inside and got myself pretty for a trip to Target and a work delivery that I needed to make. 

"clickclickclick.............goes my car.....A horrible noise and all the lights are now lighting up on my dashboard. 

I immediately started to curse Dru. OF course my car ran out of f'n oil...HE BROKE IT...This was all Dru's fault, because he hadn't promptly taken my car to the oil service place on Monday when I said that the light had come on. Right?

I even took out the service book. Read through it and determined for myself that I was indeed out of oil. I opened the hood, checked the oil (I didn't do this right) and was even more mad. I called my daddy, because he was 2000 miles away and would be able to diagnose my car troubles over the phone? Right? I was completely logical with my thinking that Dru had broke my car. Even though he was at work and I was at home with the car. 

At least I know how to open the hood?

If you know me at all, you know that I am pretty self sufficient. I like to know how to do most things, and I pride myself on not being "girly"...I can do most things that men can do, and knowing that my car is out of oil is one thing that I should know how to do. Well it turns out I don't know EVERYTHING.

I called Dru at work and was a little bit bitchy. I informed him that I had places to go and that my car wouldn't start because it was out of oil. He told me to wait until he got home to deal with it...I was mad, but I went inside to watch a marathon of Teen Mom 2 on MTV...Complete waste of my afternoon I must say. 

Dru got home and I met him at the door with a determined look on my face. He asked for my keys and told me to start the car so he could hear the noise. I tried to start the car and got the same click....click....click.....

"Your Battery is DEAD" is what comes out of my adorable husband's mouth - I then looked down and saw that my lights were on and probably had been for a few days...My car is a 2007 and has automatic lights. I am an IDIOT and WRONG.....Insert tail between legs and walk away.


  1. Haha. It happens to the best of us. You're a brave woman, admitting defeat, though-- you're lucky if you even get an apology out of me when I do something wrong... working on it... kind of.

  2. I would have SMACKED you. Dru should have smacked you and should smack you again