I am normally not the jealous type. I know that my husband loves me and would never ever do anything to betray me; like cheating....

It's not him that I worry about. 

Now that "the bearded one" is gone, Dru is back to his sexy self. Yes my husband is sexy, and I may not be the only one who thinks so.

Yesterday we went out and about to run some errands, and ended up at his place of employment. I am not going to say where he works, but there are a lot of employees at this place and you interact with people often.

Well as we were getting ready to leave the place there was this "girl"...Yes I am going to call her a girl even though we are probably now classified as women since we are over the age of 12. Not the point! She was pretty, blonde and overly flirty with my husband. MY husband. And I was standing right next to him. Not once did she ask Dru who I was, or "is this your wife"...nada, nothing. Just went right along joking and flirting with him.

I was annoyed. And even more annoyed that she is probably worse when I am not around. Good thing I looked damn good yesterday. I had gotten my hair done yesterday and I wasn't wearing my normal attire of sweatpants.

So I asked Dru about this girl throughout the rest of the night. More than once. I said that she is flirty, blah, blah. I wasn’t being rude or telling him to not talk to her. I just wanted to know her story. Does she know that you are married? YES...Oh really I said. How? She and I are FACEBOOK friends.

WHAT? Okay so not only does this girl know that we are married, she also knows what I look like. You interact with her on Facebook...She has seen our pictures? Hold Up!

Okay so maybe I am a little bit jealous. I am still thinking about this the next day and it happened yesterday.

Problem is, I don't even know her name so I can't Facebook stalk her!

Oh well, at least I know that I have myself a hott sexy man that she wants and can't have. I don't think that jealousy fits me well so I am over it, until I see her next time...


  1. I would feel the same way. I dont like the whole thing, being with eachother at work all day and then coming home and being facebook friends too... its a bit much in my opinion. I think most women would be jealous of that.

    So weird.

  2. Go through his friends and try to find her... lol. Just safely chit-chat with her on fb and try to get some information out of her.

    I know I'm being all James Bond but as a blonde in an office who once had a fling with a married man (didn't know he was married until his wife came looking for me), you never know.


    That is some funny shit. No need to even worry or stress or be jealous..Yeah you are jealous. Bet you are wanting him to have the beard back. Damn stalker. Are they twitter friends too. FB friends. You need to ease up, let it go, does he grill you and ask you ?'s about married men that leave comments on your blog?????

  4. Being jealous sucks!!! Is it helping your relationship? No. Does your husband love you? Yes. Does it help you to think about this cute girl every minute? No. You are beautiful. Be nice to your husband. If you fight the police might show up and make you sit in their car. Not fun.

  5. I feel the same way sometimes. My Husband is one of the youngest men at his office, if not the youngest, and probably the only one that stays in shape...GREAT SHAPE! He is definately hot...P90X hot! So when he and the two guys that share support staff got a new young secretary I sent him to the office with a new framed picture for his office and made her a plate of homemade cookies...peace offering...or plan to make her fat??? Great Post I think we feel this more often than we like to admit.

  6. I believe that men should only have male facebook friends and women only have femaile friends on facebook. Unless they are relatives!

    By doing this you take the temptation away...for some people it doesn't take much for them to start having a relationship with someone they connected with on Facebook. People post pictures of them selves in a provocative way on Facebook.

    That is my two cents...hope it helps.