Do you watch for signs? Not signs that say STOP and are intended for traffic, but signs that are from some other power? Someone somewhere telling you something?

Lately I have been noticing some signs that I don't know how to read.

Every time I plan on going to the gym to sign up for a membership again it seems to be snowing or I don't feel well. Not feeling well was just a one time weekend thing, but this snow seems to be a recurring phenomena. Snow, white slippery snow that is never going away (at least it feels like it).

Want to know what sign my scale is telling me in the mornings? Not good ones that's for sure. The scale is telling me that I have gained 5lbs since I have started feeling better and that I need to take my fat ass to the gym before I don't fit into my jeans again.

The fridge? It also tells me things. Good food lives HERE! Eat me...Those types of things.

Seriously these are not voices in my head. But something that I will say out loud to Dru when he wakes up is: "Shovel the driveway (Please) I need to get my butt to the gym NOW!"


  1. I'm sure your husband will be very appreciative of your desire to stay healthy and keep fitting into your jeans. He will appreciate it more and more once the years roll by.

  2. I get these signs too... Food is so good, but my wedding dress is already purchased.. Plus, who wants to look fat in thier wedding pictures?! Yet, I still can't give up my unhealthy food.

  3. Maybe you need to get a running machine and some weights in your house, so you can do your gym work-out without facing the snow...? ;)