I'm a pack rat...

After showing this morning and getting ready for the day I noticed that I have a slight problem.

First, I don't always shower in the morning because I usually don't have to and it can wait until afternoon. But I have work errands to do today that require me looking pretty and leaving the house.

Secondly, I have at least 2 of everything in my bathroom. I found 2 unopened deodorants in the cupboard. I still have 2 opened ones that I use. But I decided I wanted a different armpit smell for the day so I opened a new one. What the heck am I thinking? Do other people do this?

I have so many bottles of lotion and hair supplies that I don't know what to do with. We have a lifetime supply of toothbrushes as well as q-tips and other things that one would find in the bathroom. Need a hair tie? Maybe even a bobby pin? I'm your girl. What about a curling iron or straightener? I think that I have 8 curling irons and 2 straighteners in the "hair" cupboard.

Strange thing is: I am pretty sure that we are out of toilet paper and also paper towels :)

Who needs to wipe their butt or have a napkin in the kitchen?

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  1. The worst thing I've ever had to use is coffee filters. It was horrible.

    I created a catastrophe over at Cockamamie Carnival. I hope to see you over there!