Playing catch up and lonely

Dru is back to work after his two days off and I am bored. Yes I get to watch all the shows that I have recorded that he didn't want to watch, but I miss my husband.

I miss talking and talking while he is trying to relax and watch tv and he has to press mute, I miss watching him with his kids; how they follow him around the house no matter what time of day and sit on his lap and lick his arm hair. Yes the kids are Molly and Stan and I am not afraid to admit that my fur babies love Dru more than me. He is a great dad. They worship the ground that he walks on. They were in a funk when he was on vacation last week, and they miss their dad at night time when he is at work just as much as I do.

So here I sit. Blogging in my chair wishing that it was warm outside because I miss having my windows open with a warm breeze flowing through the house. A killer headache coming on, and my tummy hurting because I have been eating all day.

Speaking of eating all day, if I keep this up I am going to weigh a million lbs....No more snacking all day!!!

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  1. I absolutely love those days. Not without the hubby but the relaxing and enjoying home.

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