It Hurts So Good?

I have pain. A different kind of pain than what I experienced the past year, a pain that actually feels good. 

My friend Tanja convinced me to join the local gym. She has been pestering me to do it for almost 2 weeks until I finally signed up yesterday. Yesterday I enjoyed a short little cardio workout, and today we met at the gym at 8am to workout together. 

It feels so good to feel good enough to workout again. To actually want to go to the gym and regain the muscle and body strength that I used to have. I want my body to be fit and able, and I can't wait to feel the results. 

But...I might have overdone it and feel like my leg wants to detach from my torso. I don't know how I did what I did, but I need a serious massage stretch session. My left leg is hurting, almost like a nerve where it attaches to my pelvis is very unhappy with me. 

I am not complaining and am taking this as a sign that my body needs to workout. I am just hoping that the pain is gone in the am :)

I am going to the sun this week. Somewhere warm and happy....Can you guess where?

"It's a small world after all"


  1. If it's not gone in the AM, go see your doctor. You might have pinched your sciatic nerve. I've done it twice and it feels worse than child birth (I had a c-secton but that hurt like a you know what too).

    Does your gym have a trainer or anything that can give you some pointers on what to start with and how to build yourself up again? That would be awesome.

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  2. Way to go on hitting up the gym! I LOVE the “good hurt” from working out. I hope you are feeling better today!

  3. Look at you go friend! Nothing quite like a good hurt... I love it!